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Camarillo Computer Repair


Laptop LCD screen repair-replacement, Hard Drive repairs, system recovery, memory upgrade, graphics card upgrades, software and hardware installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting, printer installation and troubleshooting, scanner installation, CD-DVD drive fix, replacement, install, operating system reinstallation, new system installations.

Camarillo Web Design


We can help you design a basic website or a more complicated website that represents your business the best possible. Click for more.....

Camarillo SEO


You have a website but your target audience can't find you because you don't appear on the first page of google? Do you need strategies for more exposure and online marketing using search engine optimization? Click for more....

Camarillo Virus Removal


Your computer is running slow and you have a work, business, or school project due? Is it frustrating when you turn on your PC or Mac because it takes forever to load? Chances are you've contracted a virus or you have a system issue. Call us for a system diagnostic and recommendation for your particular issue.

Camarillo Social Media Marketing


Use Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and other social media outlets to your advantage. The more you market the more customers or potential leads you'll get. Remember, its a numbers game, get the most exposure possible for your business services!

Camarillo Data Backups & Recovery


Data backups are crucial when there is information on your failing computer. You really never know when you will face a failed hard drive problem. The best thing to do is to setup an external drive backup and a cloud back up (over the internet). Don't wait until its to late to set this up as you can loose critical data to your job, your business, or your family.

Camarillo Password Recovery

Whether you lost the password to your desktop computer or laptop at home or your office, WE CAN HELP. We want you to be efficient and productive and we know you can't do that without first having access to your system. In the most extreme cases we perform a system recovery with your consent and start from scratch.

Camarillo Ransomware Removal

Are you getting pop ups that you can't get rid of and ask you to call a phone number to remove this pop up? Pop ups that say the FBI or IRS are after you but if you call a number you may be let off after paying a fee? You've been hacked!! Call us ASAP to ensure your personal information isn't compromised......


Computer and web services are a part of our daily lives. We rely on these two things for our livelihood. We cannot finish a school project without a computer, we cannot consistenly market to our customers without a website or the marketing of a website via online marketing or SEO ( What good is a great website if no one can find it? Search engine optimization is the answer to that. A virus? a failing hard drive...? Problems connecting to the internet...? We are here to help. Our job is to be there for you when you encounter computer repair or web problems at your home, business, or remotely. Our team of computer and web experts can help you fix whatever technical issue you're dealing with. We take pride in doing our best technically and also in our customer service. We are NOT robots and believe in the customer interaction to gain the trust and confidence of our customers. We save valuable data (pictures, videos, music, documents, etc) on our computers and we all look for someone we can rely on, 805 PC and MAC is the computer, web, & seo  company in Camarillo, CA you can trust. with over 15 yrs. of business and personal computer services experience. 

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